Sealed by the Holy Spirit



What does it mean to be sealed by The Holy Spirit?

Christopher in Georgia


Dear Christopher,

The question you raise has a tremendous impact on how a believer lives at rest in the Savior’s Love. A seal or a signet is a mark to distinguish certain people or things. In Scripture sealing implies:

  • Ownership-we are the property of God (Jer. 32:10-11, 14)
  • Authentication-something real (1 Cor. 9:2). Even in the Life of Christ, God sealed Him to authenticate who He is (Jn. 6:27).
  • Confirmation-God is True (Jn. 3:33)
  • Identification-we are indentified with Divine Persons; sealed with the Holy Spirit (Eph. 1:13)
  • Approval-in the case of the Lord Jesus when He was marked by the Jordan and the voice from heaven declared "thou art my beloved Son: in thee I am well pleased" (Lk. 3:22).
  • Security-the believer is saved; safe and secure for Heaven and nothing can change that (Ez. 9:4, Rev. 7).

There are other thoughts connected with sealing, but I felt that if we can take hold of the truth mentioned above then we might live differently here on earth.

What a thrill to the believer’s heart to know that he/she belongs to God; it is real because God said it and He cannot lie. In grace He has identified Himself with us: God’s approval was upon Christ and the great work He accomplished upon the cross and we have been accepted in the Beloved. This should cause us to live in the good of our eternal security and not depend on our emotions that, in many cases, bring forth doubts.

Much love in Christ,


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