Love Not the World

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When my heart is filled with Christ, I have no heart or eye for the trash of the world.

If Christ is dwelling in your heart by faith, the question will not be, “What harm is there in this or that?” Rather, “Am I doing this for Christ? Can Christ go along with me in this?

If you are in communion with Him, you will readily detect what is not of him.

Do not let the world come in, and distract your thoughts.

I speak especially to you young ones; we, who are older, have had more experience of what the world is; we know more what it is worth, but it all lies shining before you, endeavoring to attract you.

What else does it fill its shop windows for?

Its smiles are all deceitful; still it is smiling upon you.

It makes many promises it cannot fulfill: still it promises.

The fact is your hearts are too big for the world, it cannot fill them; they are too little for Christ, for He fills heaven, yet will He fill you to overflowing.

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