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By: E.S.N.

"I have written to you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abides in you and ye have overcome the wicked one." I John 2:14

The aged apostle John who was clearly concerned about young Christians penned these words. He was the youngest apostle while the Lord Jesus was on earth. Now we are living in days where much attention is given to diet and exercise and the slogan, "You are what you eat" has a lot of truth to it. The apostle John wanted young Christians to be strong by feeding on the Word of God and exercising themselves unto Godliness. Toward the Mark is designed to help you maintain a healthy spiritual diet. We pray that you would find this issue helpful in keeping to your diet. As you read the menu, you can see that we have introduced you to a variety of meals. Enjoy it and let me know your comments.

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the first issue. Your e-mails, positive comments and letters that I received from both young and older Christians were of great encouragement to me. Please keep praying!

Yours in our soon coming Lord,

Emil S Nashed

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