July 2004


Dear Reader

The decline of ethical standards in the world today is very obvious. There are no special bifocals required to see the fast deteriorating moral conditions...

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The truth of sanctification is found both in the Old and New Testaments and the word always has the meaning of separation or a setting apart. In the Old...


The Kingdom Of God

The kingdom of God is not only described by ten distinctive titles; it is presented in three distinctive aspects as we shall see, and all three run on...

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Triumph over Ruin

Every dispensation of God has proven man in the flesh a dismal failure. It was true when man was left to his conscience from Adam till Noah, when violence...


Our Fellowship

It is usual for people of the world, who are ambitious, to make great efforts to enter into circles of society higher than those to which they have been...


Mr. Judson’s Pillow

It was only a pillow, a hard, lumpy pillow. It was so hard the prison guard didn’t want it. It was so ugly-looking the other prisoners didn’t even want...


Laying up Treasures in Heaven

Q: What did the Lord Jesus mean by laying up treasures in heaven (Mt. 6:20)? How can I as a young Christian do that? J.H. A: Treasure speaks of what is...


The Road

It is not with uncertain step That we tread our homeless way; A well-known Voice has called us up To everlasting day. The voice of Him who, whilom*,...

two friends

"Suppose it's True After All

Two friends were talking on religious topics. They discussed the question of punishment for sin in a future life. They settled to their own satisfaction...


Colors, Indai, and Servants

Questions What is the last color to be mentioned in the Bible? Which book of the Bible mentions India? Who is the first man mentioned as having servants?

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