Woman kneeling in a field at sunrise

Devotedness is a much deeper and, at the same time, a much simpler thing than many suppose. Most think that if they are earnestly engaged in the Lord’s work, and looking to Him for guidance and blessings this is being devoted; but it is much more. It is having Christ Himself as the delight and resource of my heart and the bent of my mind towards Him. The highest service we can render the Lord is to serve His heart, and that is a service to which few devote themselves. Occupation with Christ, with a view to becoming more intimately acquainted with His character; studying Him, that we may learn what pleases Him, is very rare indeed. Many can be found who are occupied for Christ, like Martha; few who are occupied with Him, like Mary.

When we have reached this, we have reached the foundation stone of true devotedness. This is the Gilgal where the serving one returns to encamp and whence he issues like the sun to run his course and like a giant refreshed with new wine. It is because the saints know so little of this Gilgal in the Lord’s presence that there is so much unsanctified activity and really profitless work. If there is zeal and ability without a knowledge of God’s mind where and when to use it, how can there but be a turning to take counsel from nature; and how can we expect that the results flowing from such a source will be otherwise than profitless?

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