Waiting for Christ

Child looking out the window of a skyscraper

What a strengthening thing is the waiting for Christ! I do not think much of an uncomfortable inn (hotel), if I know that I am only to be there for two or three days on the way. Perhaps I might wish it were better, but I do not trouble much about it. Because I am not going to live there. I am not living in this world; I am dying here. My life is hidden with Christ in God. I am waiting for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Son from Heaven, Who is going to take us there to an incorruptible inheritance that fadeth not away. All that we pass through here is merely exercise of heart that God sees to be needed to bring us there. There is nothing more practically important for everyday work and service than our waiting for God’s Son from Heaven. If you want to know what this world is and to get comfort for your soul, you will be waiting for Him. If I belong to the world, I cannot have comfort. If we are getting ease in it, we shall find His discipline.

But the moment I am waiting for God’s Son from Heaven, my life is but the dealings of God with the object, that it should be to praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. Here I am passing through in heaviness because of manifold temptations, but He will come and take me out of it to Himself; or would it surprise you, finding you with a number of things to be left behind. Where is your heart with respect to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ? Would that find you with much to throw overboard or with the feeling that here is an end of all exercise of heart!

But He for whom I have been waiting will take me to Himself. If my whole life is founded on His will being the motive and spring of it, I shall find the exercises and the needed trials.

But He is coming to take me to Himself.

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