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By: E.S.N.

“He that saith he abideth in Him, ought himself to walk, even as He walked…and now children, abide in Him” (1 John 2:6,28)

This wondrous pathway of walking in the footsteps of our dear Lord does not require that anything exceedingly difficult be done or call for some special intellectual qualifications. The secret is simply, “Abide in Me.” Of course, it does mean a true knowledge of Him and of subjection to God the Holy Spirit, always through prayerful communion and reading of His Word. Alas, however, we must confess how little we know of this and so we fail to guard against all which would come in between our souls and Him. We fail to abide in Him, which is the reason we are so unlike Him and there is so little for the glory of the Father. If we are entangled in what the devil, the enemy of our souls, offers us and with the many things that fill our eyes, our hearts, and our time (entertainment, sports, etc.), then that is not abiding in Him; therefore, there cannot be much fruit to the glory of the Father. If we are entangled in unholy associations with friends who are not Christians and who do not love our Lord Jesus or if we spend our time with worldly Christians whose ways of living are just like those who do not belong to Christ, then we cannot walk as He walked and be good witnesses for Him. If we are in a path of unrighteousness where we are unable to manifest the love of the Father to His own, then we are not abiding in Him, and there is not much fruit to the Father’s glory in the Son.

May we therefore be stirred by the Spirit’s voice calling us to listen more earnestly to the voice of our Beloved Lord. We are in a day of great privilege; being witnesses of what the world has gone through this past year with Covid 19, the Lord is speaking to all of us that we may have but a few more steps to travel before He comes to take us home. The judgment seat of Christ lies before us, where everything will be fully brought to light as He appraises it. May He give us true spiritual desire to abide in Him. We shall find ourselves in the path of true discipleship, and there will be much fruit to the glory of the Father and the Son, our beloved Lord and Savior.

I trust that you will enjoy the great articles in this issue during the summer months. It is our prayer that the Lord will use Toward the Mark to help you to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Him.

Please keep praying for the Lord’s blessing on Toward the Mark.

Yours in our soon-coming Lord,

Emil S. Nashed

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