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July 2018

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Dear Reader

The Lord Jesus addressed this question to Peter His disciples. A more important question could not be asked. Over nineteen hundred years have passed away...

Musical instruments

Musical instruments in Christian worship?

Q: Are musical instruments in Christian worship authorized by the New Testament? (This question was put in the questions box at the Wayne Young People’s...

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The Spirit of god! Power, Yet Veiled

In the Spirit of God is living energy and activity that produces marvelous results. This is seen magnificently in the first reference to Him in Scripture:...

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The Quiet Time!

I. THE IMPORTANCE OF QUIET TIME Each Christian should make it the habit of his life to spend a quiet time with God at the beginning and the conclusion...

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He came where he was!

These four words, “came where he was,” aptly describe the stoop that the Son of God made when He descended from those heights of glory that were eternally...

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“Fire if you dare!”

“Why are you not going to hell and why is God not going to judge you?” a college student questioned his Christian friend in a mocking voice. His friend...

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Search the Scriptures

Questions What city did Pharaoh burn before giving it to King Solomon? Which prophet had a vision of a basket of summer fruits? Where did Paul baptize...

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