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April 2018


Dear Reader

What a deliverance from the dominion of sin and from self-service has been wrought in the one who can say, “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I...

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Jesus and the Resurrection!

When the apostle Paul arrived in Athens, waiting for Silas and Timotheus to come to him, we read that he was stirred in his spirit as he beheld the...


The First Martyr!

Acts 6 and 7 In the touching story of Stephen, the first of a long line of martyrs, we see the complete exposure of the wickedness of Israel on the one...

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Don’t Turn Coward!!-enkakeo

So reads our so called Authorized Version, and it is not a bad translation of the word at all. That word 'to faint' is en-kakein, formed from the word...

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Some Wonderful Word!

Consider them well, O my Soul! View the Worker. It is God Himself who has wrought. He is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working. He has counselled...

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In the Hands of the Master - to Think I Almost Refused the Master! !

Have you heard the little story of Mendelssohn, the musician? Once he wandered into a cathedral in Germany. The organist, an old man, was practicing on...

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Questions According to Jeremiah, what large bird knows it has appointed times? Who sent two of his servants and a solider to bring Peter from Joppa? What...

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