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October 2017

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Dear Reader

“That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith” (Ephesians 3:17) Now with many of you back to school, university, and regular work schedules, and with...

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Μετάνοια = change of mind, afterthought, to think differently after reflection—the contrast of forethought. νοΰς = the mind, the organ or faculty for...

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The trespass offering!

The Trespass Offering (Lev. 5-6) is usually looked upon as a sort of secondary sin offering and passed over with little notice, but there are features...


Letters to young Christians!

1. On Reading the Scriptures My dear young friends, It is not sufficient for you to read about the Scriptures, you must read the Scriptures for yourself....

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God in everything!

Nothing so much helps the Christian to endure the trials of his path as the habit of seeing God in everything. There is no circumstance, be it ever so...

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What then…?

What then…? A young man came to the dean of a renowned university, his face beaming with enthusiasm. He informed the old man that the long-cherished desire...

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Search the Scriptures

Questions Whom did Moses describe as “The beloved of the Lord”? What New Testament word means “the anointed one”? What was name of a godly woman who...

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