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October 2007


Dear Reader

Are we longing for the morning that cometh? Does the thought thrill our souls that we are going to see and be like our glorified Lord? May this be the...


Are you Growing in Grace?

Part 2 Growth is one of the surest signs of healthy life. It is so, whether in the vegetable or animal kingdom, nor is it otherwise in the realm of grace....


The Assembly: Foretold: Founded: Formed: Furnished: Functioning: Future.

Part 1 Before proceeding with this blessed theme it may be necessary to justify the designation used at the head of this paper. It is customary to refer...


Great Price - For Christian Women

There are three things spoken of in the New Testament that are of "great price," or very costly. The alabaster box of ointment that Mary poured upon...

someone thinking

Does God care for me?

It is related of an astronomer that he was so overwhelmed by the vastness of creation that he felt that God could not take any interest in him, tiny atom...


Questions and Answers

Q: A Christian friend brought up in a discussion with me Revelation 3:5, that one can have their name blotted out from the book of life. He made the claim...


The Call - Part 2

"Praise the Lamb!" At once awaking, The gathered hosts their voices throng; Loud and wide - each tongue partaking - Rolls renewed the endless...

sea turtle

Intelligence Report

I love learning about wildlife, but when it comes to sea turtles, many of the "facts" seems simply unbelievable. One of the more common statements about...


Can We Know

Surely the following passages from God's Word are sufficient, without comment or addition to bring the assurance of salvation to any seeking soul. Be...


Search the Scriptures

Questions In what book of the Bible is Canaan first described as a land flowing with milk and honey? Who was the commander of Solomon's army? How many...

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