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July 2006


Dear Reader

The Word of God teaches us that holiness does not produce salvation; but it teaches us that without it no man shall see the Lord. If our lives are not...

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Mary Magdalene Setting the Record Straight

Seventeenth-century philosopher Joseph Hall once said, “A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on...


Our Incarnate Lord

The way our blessed Lord is presented in the holy Gospels has for the devout heart a peculiar charm. The heart dwells with delight upon the glories, both...

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Christian living - Part 3

We would like with God‘s help, to take up some of the special dangers or besetting sins to which young Christian (and old ones as well) are liable, and...



“I will guide thee with mine eye.”  Psalm 32 How could the Lord guide believers with His eye?  There could be a sense in which, even with His eye alone,...


God's Government

Q: What does the principle of God’s government means? Does it apply to Christians although we are under grace? M.T. A: Our reader has brought to our attention...


The Tree of Life

Part 2 But, my soul, hast thou not tasted Of that Tree of life on high? As through desert lands thou’st hasted, Eshcol’s grapes been never nigh? Ah!...


Example or Substitute

After speaking to a group of collage students about the Lord Jesus, one student told the speaker “I don’t like your preaching. I do not care for the cross....


Search the Scriptures

Questions What is the first war mentioned in the Bible? Who was the first person to fall asleep during a sermon? Where this phrase is found in the Bible...

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Missionaries You Should Know

Gladys Aylward Gladys Aylward was a tiny woman under five feet tall. She was a chambermaid in England, but she felt that the Lord would have her go as...

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